The curious case of the Cavern of the Curious Gnome

Instant confession: I bloody love Belgian beer. I like it in all its glory, all styles and most of all I like lots of it. So if in my home town there’s a place that promises me a magical, secret place crammed with all manner of Belgian beers, continental ales and a few homespun favourites I’m going to be all over that.


That’s exactly what the Cavern of a Curious Gnome is. From its mushroom shaped bar stools to the high ceilings, somewhat questionable artwork and my personal favourite: a giant gnome sitting in the corner like it’s just your average day in a pub – this little gem transports you to a bar in Belgium and takes you on a magical ride.


The mastermind behind this glorious little watering hole is Nev from Artichoke and he’s proper gone for it. Not just the decoration, mind, the beer lists as well. I don’t know a lot on places that can boast a nine page beer menu, and I don’t know anywhere (in Chester) with this kind of selection of all the things I fancy.


Of course there’s the taps and the rotating goodies from breweries like Salopian and Cloudwater making appearances, and you know what? Sometimes it’s nice to break a stream of Belgian ales with something super hoppy just to clear the palate. It’s a well-thought-out thing. I at first thought the beers were painted on the wall (in my defence I was rather merry at this point) but of course they aren’t, they’re projected on by magic (or a projector or whatever).


Anyway, I bloody love the place. it’s fast becoming one of my firm favourites, and also a place I always want to take friends and acquaintances visiting Chester. Just to boast, you know. “Has your home town got a Belgian bar with a giant fiberglass gnome? Cos mine does.”


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