Review: CBAS at Liquor & Co

Well, who’da thunk it. A bunch of real ale veterans and hard core beer boffins finding themselves in a newly refurbished bar, on the rows of Chester, on a Tuesday night, with cocktails in their hand. Last night Chester Beer Appreciation Society (CBAS) went off the beaten track and found themselves in Liquor & Co, the... Continue Reading →

CBAS at The Piper, Hoole

Last night the Chester Beer Appreciation Society met at the Piper, Hoole, where we were treated to wonderful beer and food, and as an added bonus we got to meet Steve from Peerless Brewery. While being educated about their beers, we enjoyed a five course taster menu with matching tipple, in a new venue. A... Continue Reading →

CBAS in Pied Bull, August 5th

CBAS came together as the moon was full - well, almost. CBAS met in Pied Bull on Tuesday 5th August, where the unveiling of the new CBAS beer was announced - in both cask and keg. The beautiful brown ale lovingly crafted by the Pied Bull Brewery head brewer Tom went down a treat and... Continue Reading →

CBAS Goes Bear & Billet

If you’re wondering why we’re so bloody excited, it’s because we just did it. We just arranged our first ever CBAS night. If you’re a part of the Chester beer scene, and we assume you are if you read this blog, you know that CBAS has run since 2011, this October will mark its 3rd anniversary.... Continue Reading →

Pied Bull: Pie&Beer Evening & CBAS News

Sometimes it’s best to plan ahead. Like when you agree to attend a night of pies, specially selected beers and the general merriment that Chester’s beer events always offer, you best make sure you have nothing important to do in the morning. We’ve been going to these events for such a long time we’d like... Continue Reading →

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