Lodge bar puts on their 5th bank holiday beer festival

The Lodge bar bank holiday beer festival has been one of my solid summer favourites for as long as it’s run. And that’s 5 years to date now. Sure, it usually suffers from one or two showers of rain but it’s always good craic and this year was definitely not an exception. And true to... Continue Reading →

Hey Hoole, your Beer Festival rocked!

So Hoole was a bit lit last weekend, eh? The second (what I assume is) annual Hoole Beer Festival (organised by the good folk from Chester Beer and Wine) put together a mighty fine party over the course of Friday, Saturday and even Sunday and it was packed like you wouldn’t believe. Let me backtrack... Continue Reading →

Chester Charity Beer Festival 2018

Better late than never I suppose. You’ll have to excuse me for the lateness of this report – it has been crazy busy in the beer world of late. There’s been festivals, beer tastings, tap takeovers, and bank holiday craziness. But here I am. Back to report to you what went on at the Chester... Continue Reading →

Chester Craft Beer Festival

  Honestly, I’m still recovering from the onslaught of amazing beer on Saturday. But I’ll try and walk you guys through what absolutely was the one of the best beer festivals I’ve been to for a while, even if my poor head still feels somewhat light.     So our friends at Beer Heroes put... Continue Reading →

Hoole Inaugural Beer Festival

“Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy”, said Benjamin Franklin (arguably) way back when and if you needed any more proof that it’s true, that was at the Hoole Beer festival this weekend. Sure, I ended up with the mother of all hangovers and sore feet due to too much... Continue Reading →

Blueball Brewery open day

Of course it’s under a railway arch. Where else would it be? I’ve had the pleasure of drinking my bodyweight in beer in the original Kash, Kash 22 which eventually followed and now I can add Kash 33 on that list as well. What’s Kash 33? Well, it’s what it all was always about. This... Continue Reading →

April BrewBarn day at Spitting Feathers

So Saturday the sun was shining, the beer was flowing and the music was a-playing. The conditions were pretty good for the Spitting Feathers BrewBarn day at the brewery, and they rose to the occasion. Here's how it works: the day starts at 2.00pm sharp and finishes around 6.00pm. You pay £25 per head and this is... Continue Reading →

Tatton Brewery Birthday Beerfest

Last weekend the Tatton Brewery hosted a swaggering swill-fest to celebrate their 6th birthday. Over the course of Thursday to Saturday around 20 beers and ciders were proficiently quaffed by Knutsfordians and those from further afield alike. The brewery put on quite a show, with Oompah bands, brewery tours and of course, their beer selection.... Continue Reading →

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