They’re open! Beer Heroes comes to Chester

OMG OMG OMG guys. Last Thursday marked a definite milestone in the history of the Chester Beer Scene: Beer Heroes opened their new gaff in the city centre. And it goes without saying that we’re super excited.     Firstly – we’re in love with the space. Not only is it in the almost perfect... Continue Reading →


We’re celebrating Beer Day Britain at Deva Tap and you should come!

It’s almost Beer Day Britain guys and I’m really excited!     What is Beer Day Britain, you ask. Well, it’s the UK’s national beer day and it happens on June 15th. This date is significant because it is also the date that Magna Carta was sealed in 1215. And that’s important because ale is mentioned... Continue Reading →

Chester Charity Beer Festival 2018

Better late than never I suppose. You’ll have to excuse me for the lateness of this report – it has been crazy busy in the beer world of late. There’s been festivals, beer tastings, tap takeovers, and bank holiday craziness. But here I am. Back to report to you what went on at the Chester... Continue Reading →

Chester Craft Beer Festival

  Honestly, I’m still recovering from the onslaught of amazing beer on Saturday. But I’ll try and walk you guys through what absolutely was the one of the best beer festivals I’ve been to for a while, even if my poor head still feels somewhat light.     So our friends at Beer Heroes put... Continue Reading →

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