10 questions to Chester Charity Beer Festival

30 years ago, a few beer loving folk got together and set up a beer festival, hoping they could turn a small profit which they would donate to local charities. Fast-forward to today and what this little gathering has become is a titan of Chester beer festivals, spanning over 3 decades, growing and innovating and... Continue Reading →


Chester Craft Beer Festival

  Honestly, I’m still recovering from the onslaught of amazing beer on Saturday. But I’ll try and walk you guys through what absolutely was the one of the best beer festivals I’ve been to for a while, even if my poor head still feels somewhat light.     So our friends at Beer Heroes put... Continue Reading →

Beer Without Fear is 50!

50! How is it 50 months since Beer Without Fear started? Where has the time gone? For 50 months we’ve tasted outrageous beer in good company and it’s been fantastic. It’s arguably the longest running beer tasting club in Chester, too, so there is that.     Usually, this onslaught to your senses aims to... Continue Reading →

Chester Beer Awards 2018 – WINNERS

Saturday saw Deva Tap packed with over 100 beer lovers, brewers, bartenders and punters to celebrate the third annual Chester Beer Awards. Seriously, this is the third year. Where did the time go and how is it over again? Anyway. Let's recap what happened.       The ceremony was once again opened by the... Continue Reading →

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