Punky Pig goes Deva Tap – the soft launch


Have you been missing the Deva kitchen? Yeah, me too. I was gutted when it temporarily closed but when I heard that the Punky Pig boys were going to take it over I kinda immediately forgave everyone for the days without a Deva pizza.


You heard that right folks. The graduates from the Chester uni who launched their pop-up American street food restaurant in their Hoole garden are going to be taking their pulled pork and brisket burgers and pizzas and loaded fries to Deva. Ain’t that exciting?



So yesterday the Nick, James and Leigh, AKA as the Punky Boys, cooked up a storm in Deva Tap as a soft opening of their kitchen shenanigans. And you know me – if there’s beer and some tasty grub going, I’m probably going to be present. Which is what I was.



I had a good chat with the boys as well. I mean, what possessed British marketing, business development and accounting graduates to get together and dish out some authentic American grub? Turns out James actually has a cheffy past and Nick has some relatives in the States so it’s actually not such a surprise that Punky Pig was born. And considering the enormous passion these guys have for their craft… Well, let’s just say that I expect great things.



What I really love about the Punky Boys (apart from their journey from a random pop up restaurant to taking over the kitchen of a very established craft beer pub) is that they are so set on using the most local of products and producers for their dishes. I think that’s super important – you gotta give back to your community and support other independent, local traders. And the Punky Boys live and breathe this.


So what was their food like then, I hear you ask. Let me tell you, their pizzas are awesome. I am super particular about my pizza bases (they need to be crispy and fresh and stretchy) and the Punky Pig pizza was definitely up my street. The never-ending mozzarella on them was also divine. The loaded fries (one of them called Absolute Filth and boy, it was… in a good way) were a spicy affair and the pulled pork topping just popped. You can tell it’s all been cooked with a lotta love.


Oh, and great news: Punky Pig is also launching their own beer, an APA real soon. They already have it in bottles but they’re looking to get in tap too. I’m really looking forward to trying that and pairing it with some of their dishes.


The Punky Pig kitchen launches for the public on the 19th October and they’re officially open for business on the 24th October so you better make your way to Deva Tap and try their wares. And have loads of beer, too, obvs.





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