We recommend this beer pairing at Brewhouse & Kitchen

  Guys, we feel like we would be doing a massive disservice to you if I didn’t tell you about the new menu at Brewhouse & Kitchen. Why? Because they have something on it that is probably the best thing we’ve ever tasted, ever.   If you haven’t heard of Brewhouse & Kitchen before, they have... Continue Reading →

The 1st Ladies Only Beer Night – Ladies Loved Beer

Looking back, Ladies Love Beer may have been a little misguiding name for a group that was created to bring more ladies in the fold of beer-loving folk. I have very few regrets, though, as I am hoping that the ladies who attended the first Ladies Only Beer Night did leave with a new appreciation... Continue Reading →

Return of the Basics

The sun’s been up and the weather’s been nice – a true miracle for our little island! It seems summer is finally here, and it only missed a few years. Let’s just not take in the gloomy weather reports in, let’s just stay optimistic. But as the weather has been nice, we have opted to... Continue Reading →

Back to Basics

Who says you have to start off with something impossibly hoppy, go to a pub you’ve never gone to before, try a beer you’ve never heard of before (and which probably has a double entrende name, wink wink, nudge nudge) or join a beer society to take your first steps in beer appreciation? Well, we... Continue Reading →

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