The Big Hand tap room is open!

Good news Chester, the wait is over! Big Hand Brewery have opened their Tap Room on Watergate Street. Last Thursday they popped their doors open for a soft launch and over the weekend they’ve welcomed all beer lovers to their beery embrace. You might remember the venue as the old Fat Cat or more recently,... Continue Reading →

Chester Charity Beer Festival 2018

Better late than never I suppose. You’ll have to excuse me for the lateness of this report – it has been crazy busy in the beer world of late. There’s been festivals, beer tastings, tap takeovers, and bank holiday craziness. But here I am. Back to report to you what went on at the Chester... Continue Reading →

Pub review: Cross Keys

We’re not going to make any excuses for the fact that the Cross Keys is one of our favourite pubs in Chester. This pub has game. Victorian game. The minute you step inside this pub you feel like you were swallowed by some time vortex and transported to a simpler time. The wood panelled walls... Continue Reading →

Women VS Beer – Discuss

“Hi, my name is Kat, and I like beer.” No, I’m not a member of the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or even of the AB (Anonymous Beerlovers), this is how I usually introduce myself when I meet new people. Why? Not because I think beer drinkers are an identifiable group like Lambrini Girls, but because beer... Continue Reading →

An Eggselent Evening

Cellar Bar is known for good beer, good knees up and nowadays, for some rather intriguing events. Sure, any pub can have live music and beer festivals, but how many host a pickled egg festival mid week? You heard. Pickled egg festival. Like so many great things the festival started as only an idea, spoken... Continue Reading →

Pub Review: Swifty’s

Sometimes, when taking a stroll down the canal, you come across little hidden gems only known about by the locals who frequent them. You know the likes, quiet little pubs where the at least adequate beer is lovingly kept by staff passionate about their business and happy to serve the newcomers with a smile. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

Pub Review: The Artichoke

We’ve mentioned before that the Canal Quarter is the new, up and coming area in Chester, and for good reason. The area is packed with different venues, starting from a traditional pub, musical haven, London-style boozer and finishing with a classy bistro with oodles of gin and what’s best, local beer. Artichoke took over from... Continue Reading →

Beer Adventure in Finland

Oh, holiday! That part of the year when you pack your bags and head off somewhere to relax and fill your boots with culture and your pints with local brews. Well, that’s what we did anyway. When the summer holidays were upon us we filled a suitcase with local ale produce and headed over to Manchester... Continue Reading →

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