Punky Pig goes Deva Tap – the soft launch

  Have you been missing the Deva kitchen? Yeah, me too. I was gutted when it temporarily closed but when I heard that the Punky Pig boys were going to take it over I kinda immediately forgave everyone for the days without a Deva pizza. You heard that right folks. The graduates from the Chester... Continue Reading →

We’re celebrating Beer Day Britain at Deva Tap and you should come!

It’s almost Beer Day Britain guys and I’m really excited!     What is Beer Day Britain, you ask. Well, it’s the UK’s national beer day and it happens on June 15th. This date is significant because it is also the date that Magna Carta was sealed in 1215. And that’s important because ale is mentioned... Continue Reading →

Chester Beer Awards 2018 – WINNERS

Saturday saw Deva Tap packed with over 100 beer lovers, brewers, bartenders and punters to celebrate the third annual Chester Beer Awards. Seriously, this is the third year. Where did the time go and how is it over again? Anyway. Let's recap what happened.       The ceremony was once again opened by the... Continue Reading →

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