5 pubs you should visit on a pub crawl in Hoole

Let me tell you a few things about where I live, work and play.   I have mentioned before how much I love living in Hoole, and not the least because there are great watering holes and eateries just a few steps away from my front door. Obviously there’s the added bonus of great specialist... Continue Reading →


7 amazing Chester bars you have to visit

I ain’t gonna even lie and pretend that the vast majority of my paychecks doesn’t go to hanging out in the awesome boozers in Chester. But that means I am in the know about where you should go and indulge in whatever’s your poison.   So here you are, folks. Wihtout further ado and in... Continue Reading →

Hoole Inaugural Beer Festival

“Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy”, said Benjamin Franklin (arguably) way back when and if you needed any more proof that it’s true, that was at the Hoole Beer festival this weekend. Sure, I ended up with the mother of all hangovers and sore feet due to too much... Continue Reading →

Beer Without Fear, July session

Last night it was that time of the month again – time to taste outrageous beer in good company in the form of Beer Without Fear. This onslaught to your senses is a monthly beer tasting in the Cellar Bar where two hosts go head to head with three scandalous beers each to compete for the favour... Continue Reading →

Scandinavian Beer Tasting

Damn right we went to a Scandinavian Beer Tasting at Chester Beer and Wine yesterday – it’s beer from my neck of the woods and I think any beer geek would happily admit that currently the most interesting beers are hailing from there. Here’s what we drank:     Dugges: Lager No. 1 – 4.7%... Continue Reading →

Pub Review: Craft & Company, Chester

If you didn’t hear about the opening of a new craft beer place in Chester – don’t worry, neither did we. Apparently, what they did was just clean up and completely refurb the old Politic and open their doors. They didn’t need to make much noise about themselves – they were busy immediately as the... Continue Reading →

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