BWOF – a love letter to Nev

We’ll admit it. We’re a little bit in love with Nev. Not only is he a massive hunk, a beer lover extraordinaire and the man behind one of the best bistro bars in Chester (Artichoke), he also brought victory home at last night’s Beer Without Fear at the Cellar. BWOF works differently to other beer... Continue Reading →


Meet the Brewer: Oakham Ales in Cellar, Chester

The Cellar has always been known to throw a good bash, and yesterday’s Meet the Brewer night was no exception. The taps were taken over by Oakham Ales and representatives of the brewery were present to talk about the brewery and the beers. You can watch their introduction here: The ever-growing masses of people who... Continue Reading →

An Eggselent Evening

Cellar Bar is known for good beer, good knees up and nowadays, for some rather intriguing events. Sure, any pub can have live music and beer festivals, but how many host a pickled egg festival mid week? You heard. Pickled egg festival. Like so many great things the festival started as only an idea, spoken... Continue Reading →

Pub Review: The Cellar

Every adventure starts at home. And to us, for the past year or so, home has been The Cellar Bar, City Road. If you’re old school, or have lived in Chester longer than three years, you’ll know The Cellar by it’s previous name, Citybar. Get that out of your head right now. Citybar was a... Continue Reading →

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