The 1st Ladies Only Beer Night – Ladies Loved Beer

Looking back, Ladies Love Beer may have been a little misguiding name for a group that was created to bring more ladies in the fold of beer-loving folk. I have very few regrets, though, as I am hoping that the ladies who attended the first Ladies Only Beer Night did leave with a new appreciation... Continue Reading →


Press Release: September CBAS night at the Bawn Lodge, Hoole

During its nearly three year journey, the Chester Beer Appreciation Society (CBAS) has been known to support independent, local businesses as well as educate its members in all thing ale. This September, CBAS continues its mission to introduce the participants to the much loved but little known pubs of Chester by taking the Bawn Lodge... Continue Reading →

Pied Bull: Pie&Beer Evening & CBAS News

Sometimes it’s best to plan ahead. Like when you agree to attend a night of pies, specially selected beers and the general merriment that Chester’s beer events always offer, you best make sure you have nothing important to do in the morning. We’ve been going to these events for such a long time we’d like... Continue Reading →

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