Hey Hoole, your Beer Festival rocked!

So Hoole was a bit lit last weekend, eh? The second (what I assume is) annual Hoole Beer Festival (organised by the good folk from Chester Beer and Wine) put together a mighty fine party over the course of Friday, Saturday and even Sunday and it was packed like you wouldn’t believe. Let me backtrack a little though and explain what was going on.


So I got me a £10 weekend ticket which granted me entrance to the Hoole Community Centre for all day, every day of the festival. I know what you’re thinking, that sounds really ambitious with so many different beers on offer and you’d be right – but I went for it anyway. I’m brave like that. So there.


Anyway. Not only were there a fairly respectable selection of beers on tap (North Riding’s Ice Cream Porter, Pig & Porter’s Dance First, Siren’s Suspended in Secrets, Krien Boon, El Dorado Mosaic from Loka Polly and Paradise Circus from Wiper & True to name just a few of them) there also were ciders, gins and the food… yes, the food.  Meltdown did their royal cheesy goodness, Hanky Panky did their Pancakes and Dim Sum SU did pretty much everything. I mean there were loads more but these were my highlights, for sure. And then there was the music. I can’t remember what band it was, but on Friday these guys played a rocking version of Beyonce’s Crazy in Love and I was living for it.


And then there was the 3-way collaboration beer from a top bloke and our dear friend Mr @RealAleChester, Chester Beer and Wine and Matt, the head brewer of Brewhouse and Kitchen. This tasty little number (aptly named DNA) was a very hop forward 5.6% dry hopped APA – and from what I saw it went down a treat. I love stuff like this – when beer bloggers and enthusiasts and brewers get together and create some ass-kicking beers and would like to volunteer myself to any brewer who wants to make a beer with me, ever. Shameless plug but wotcha gonna do about it?! Anyway, like I was saying, the DNA was a great beer, I had it on all days I was at the festival and on all days really enjoyed it.


And as it just happened, the weather was rather brilliant all weekend, save for a little drizzle on Friday. I think the greatest issue the festival faced was that there just wasn’t enough seats for the avalanche of punters – but I doubt there were enough seats in all of Hoole to accommodate them.


And what happened to my ambitious plans with the weekend ticket? Let’s just say there is a reason why this blog wasn’t done on Sunday, or Monday either for that matter. I’m still a little shaky but didn’t think I could hold out on reporting on the festival any longer.

Did you go to the Hoole Beer Festival? Tell me what you thought in the comments below!


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