BrewYork Tap Takeover at Beer Heroes



This bank holiday was the best, if you don’t count Sunday. It was pissing down like something chronic on Sunday – but who cares because Saturday it was sunny and shiny and there was a beer tasting and a tap takeover at Beer Heroes in Helsby.


I was a bit late (seems to be an on-going theme right now for me, eh?) because I was supposed to get a lift but hey, it was such a nice day I can’t really be too cranky about my lift finding themselves somewhat worse for wear in a beer garden. It’s OK – I forgive you.


But let’s be clear, I only forgive you because the lovely folk in Beer Heroes caught me up on the beers I had missed, and Aidan and Wayne from BrewYork were kind enough to allow me to nag their ear off asking loads of questions. I know I monopolised your time guys – but I ain’t sorry. Thanks for putting up with me though!


Here’s what we tasted throughout the day:




My personal favourites were Oats Ala Mande and Hey Mango – but apparently, Hey Mango is coming to end of its line. It will be replaced with something equally outrageous and tasty but I am going to miss it like mad. Here is my sad face: 😢


These guys really know how to brew a beer that is at the same time outrageous and filled with subtle notes. They’ve mastered balancing outrageous hops with sweet fruits in a fashion that it creates a juicy but bitter concoction. I haven’t had a beer from them that I don’t like. But my fave is/was Hey Mango. Cue another sad face: 😢




But obvs I am excited about what’s coming next, and I’m already planning a trip to York to go bother these lovely guys some more in their taproom. And drink all their beer. Mark my words. It’ll happen. You have been warned.


Give these guys some online love, yo. Do it now.


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