Chester Craft Beer Festival


Honestly, I’m still recovering from the onslaught of amazing beer on Saturday. But I’ll try and walk you guys through what absolutely was the one of the best beer festivals I’ve been to for a while, even if my poor head still feels somewhat light.



So our friends at Beer Heroes put their collective love towards all things craft together and so Chester Craft Beer Festival was born. It may have been the first beer festival they’ve organised (under this banner at least) but you wouldn’t have noticed. You would’ve thought they were ironclad professionals in the game.



The guys had secured some seriously impressive beer giants to their list (Mad Hatter, Gibberish, Loka Polly, Chapter… you see where we’re going with this) and some ‘new’ ones we’ve never heard of (Top Rope and Runaway for example). The craft was strong in this festival. The beer was on tip top shape on every tap and all the brewery-folks were easily approachable and more than willing to chat about their wares.



We tried some really interesting beers during the day. One of the most memorable ones was the Black Grape from Runaway, because, seriously, who would’ve thought putting together Belgian yeast and fresh grapes would make such a refreshing tipple? Vulgar Display of Sour from BrewYork (a collab with Magic Rock) was a beautiful concoction and the Hallertau Blanc Saison from Loka Polly was a sheer revelation.



Food-wise, there was a little something for everyone. Pizzas, Scotch eggs, sarnies and even dim sum, if you failed to find something to soak the beer in your belly with you were probably not looking in the right direction.



And the weather could not have been better. I swear we both got a tan on the day and I haven’t even dreamed of a tan for years. So, yes. Add to that some summery tunes from DJ’s and a few bands and you got a proper winning combo.



And let’s talk about the venue, guys, seriously. We’ve never been to the Carriage Shed before but now that we’ve seen what you can do with it, we’re hoping to see a lot more beer festivals (or other beer related events) here. It’s a beautiful venue and it’s criminally unutilised in Chester. We might throw a beer bash there just to get to use it again.



We were so looking forward to this beer festival and we certainly were not disappointed. It went gloriously over our expectations.  Well done guys! You deserve a million pats on the back for a job well done. Other regular beer festivals would do well to take note; this is how you put a festival together!



Now, hurry up and open your shop in Chester, and then make a little nook for us so we don’t ever have to leave.






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