Not all heroes wear capes (but Beer Heroes should)


Let me tell you about this awesome place I popped in last week. It’s a Bottle Shop and Tap Room combined, where you have an insane selection of can and bottles of craft beers from all over the world, but also top tipples on tap for you enjoy in pints.


It’s a small-ish place, where you quickly become really good friends with others who are having a drink there too because you’ll be sitting or standing shoulder-to-shoulder, back-to-back, but it doesn’t bother anyone because everyone there is a lover of beer and conversations about beer and how awesome it is are sure to spring up.


It’s a place who is run by people who love beer, possibly even more than me. If that’s in any way possible. I mean if it was then yes. But probably not. Anyway.


It’s Beer Heroes in Helsby, y’all.


I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to actually make it there. They opened bloody ages ago and are right next to the Helsby train station (actually, they are at the Helsby Station) so getting there can’t have been my excuse. I know I haven’t got one. But I have since corrected this grievance by popping my head in and falling madly in love.



Okay, so their taps are full of the good stuff. I mean we’re talking Loka Polly, Brew York, Gibberish. And then they have a few fridges that ooze some sweet, sweet finds. Like Sanguinem Aurantiaco from Evil Twin Brewing. And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve got a roomfull of… well, pretty much anything you’d fancy. And then some. Like these super fancy and awesome beers from a Croatian brewery we’d never heard of before, The Garden Brewery. We made a vlog about tasting the Milkshake IPA if you’re wondering what it’s like (it’s THIS WAY).


I swear, man, Tom had to drag me out from there or I would have moved in.


Anyway. Beer Heroes isn’t just a tap room and a bottle shop, they also sell their wares online, they have monthly beer clubs where they mail you some crazy crafts and they also run beer tasting sessions in the beer room (or “heaven”), so they’re basically your one-stop shop for all your beer needs. And soon they’ll open a gaffe in Chester city centre as well so you get to enjoy their hospitality, atmosphere and awesome beers closer to home.


But, having said that, it’s totally worth taking the quick trek on the train to see their Helsby digs. You will not regret it.

Oh! And make sure you get tickets for their first Craft Beer Festival in April. No excuses!


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