Beer Without Fear is 50!

50! How is it 50 months since Beer Without Fear started? Where has the time gone? For 50 months we’ve tasted outrageous beer in good company and it’s been fantastic. It’s arguably the longest running beer tasting club in Chester, too, so there is that.



Usually, this onslaught to your senses aims to serve you the most bonkers, insane and intense beers from around the world in 6 tries, but as it was a special occasion we had 7. Normally, two judges go head to head presenting 3 beer each and in the end the beer tasters vote for their favourite. This time, every beer was presented by the most prominent guest judges from the past 50 months.


Here’ what we had:



Beer No. 1 – Enemy Within, @blackmarketbrew, 7% IPA with passion fruit. Packs a citrus punch like whoa. Starting it easy, eh?



Beer No. 2 – “I always felt closer to IPAs than I did people” by @EvilTwinBrewing, double dryhopped but surprisingly smooth. Does not taste like a 9% monster.



Beer No. 3 – Barrel Aged Backwards Bastard by @foundersbrewing, 11,6% barrel aged Scotch beer. It was all going a bit crazy there at this point.



Beer No. 4 – Silver Peel by @GarageBeerCo, a 5,2% sour beauty. Glorious, snappy beer. My favourite of the night. Totally.



Beer No. 5 – Liquid Sex Robot by @LervigBeer, a 7.9% hop bomb. It’s like sex in a can. Smooth as you like though.



Beer No. 6 – name’s a bit if a mouthful; “Lervig barrel aged, reserved, barley wine 2017” by @LervigBeer, a 12.9% – mouthful by name, mouthful by nature. Holy momma.



Beer No. 7, last beer of the night. Toasted Maple Stout from @LervigBeer. Holy mother of beer. Can I take this beer home and make it my lover? Cos I want to.


Before we tell you who won, can we just give some love to the beer royalty who presented the beers please.



And the winners are (yes there are two) @LervigBeer Maple AND @GarageBeerCo Silver Peel. It’s a double whammy! Huzzah!


What a night! We have a sore, but a happy head. Cheers all! Here’s to the next 50 months of Beer Without Fear!

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