Chester Beer Awards 2018 Nominees MasterList

Here is the masterlist of the nominees for the Chester Beer Awards 2018 – to us, they’re all winners already because they’ve been named as the best in our fair city! To see who wins the coveted awards make sure you register for tickets to the award ceremony on Saturday 27th at Deva Tap, tickets HERE but they are very limited!


Nominees for Best pub:

Nominees for Best Pub Grub:

Nominees for Best Local Brewery:

Nominees for Best Local Beer:

Pandemonium, Instruments of destruction, Flightless, 568, Rosemary Baby from Deva Craft Beer 🍺
Thirstquencher, Old Wavertonian, Brainstorm from Spitting Feathers 🍺
Galaxy Mosaic from LOKA POLLY 🍺
Parabola, Bread & Circuses from Chapter Brewing 🍺
Kneebuckler from Peerless Brewing 🍺
Scarecrow, Trappers Hat from Brimstage Brewery 🍺
Spank from Blueball Brewery 🍺
Best, Ale, Yeti from Tatton Brewery 🍺
Sunrise from Hafod Brewing Company Ltd 🍺
Eastgate Ale, Cheshire Cat from Weetwood Ales 🍺
Conkerbok from Brewhouse & Kitchen 🍺
Domino, Havoc from Big Hand Brewing Co 🍺
Mint Baubull, redbull from The Pied Bull Chester 🍺

Nominees for the Rising Star award:

Nominees for Best Beer Shoppe:

Nominees for Best Bartender:

Dave and Harry at The Goat & Munch 🍺
India at Artichoke 🍺
Aki, Sophie, Martin and Stu at The Cellar, Chester🍺
Craig at The Cross Keys 🍺
Matty and Mike at Deva Tap Chester 🍺
Trevor at Ye Olde cottage inn 🍺
John, Terry and Matthew at The Brewery Tap 🍺
Mike at The Albion Inn 🍺

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