We recommend this beer pairing at Brewhouse & Kitchen



Guys, we feel like we would be doing a massive disservice to you if I didn’t tell you about the new menu at Brewhouse & Kitchen. Why? Because they have something on it that is probably the best thing we’ve ever tasted, ever.


If you haven’t heard of Brewhouse & Kitchen before, they have taken over and done up the old Forest House building on Love Street (thank goodness, it’s such a nice building but it was going to absolute waste with the previous tenants) and they have their own microbrewery on-site. Our blogger friend Polly and our very own Kat brewed a beer with them for International Women’s Day earlier this year and they’ve brought an ancient, Chester-based beer recipe alive of late too, with John Murray, a CAMRA member and a hero in pickles, jellies and sauces. So the beer credentials check out alright.




Anyway. Their new small plates menu is about a week old and we’re already fans. We love the idea of small plates because we like to pair our food with beer and the more little plates we have, the more beer we can usually have. Sure, there’s been some grumbles about the small plates culture of late, but we say bollocks to that: beer tapas is the way to go. It’s the “no-plates” culture we have an issue with. Seriously: “Please, just serve my food on a plate. That’s all I want. I don’t even care what it is but just put it on a plate, please.” So there.




But anyway. The small plates you get in B&K are already matched with different types of beer on their menu, so if you’re not in the mood to try different ones you’re kind of sorted. We went off-menu though (because we’re hard core like that) and paired the best thing since sliced bread with something pretty fancy.


Here’s what the big deal is: Mac n’ Cheese melts with chilli jam. They’re these palm sized, deep friend balls made of soft and savoury Mac n’ Cheese. Not sure if we’re doing them any justice by explaining them but they are blooming awesome. They’re the ultimate comfort food (of the year? Maybe. Of this autumn anyway) and we won’t hear anything else about it. You have to try them. They’re amazing. And at £4.25 they’re an absolute steal.




B&K say these little gems would go nicely with an IPA or a lager but as we found, they go really nicely with a pint of porter, too. They have a salted caramel porter on right now but don’t be fooled and think it’s all sweet and sickly, it really is not. It’s beautifully balanced with nice and bitter hops and it has a lovely dry finish. Perfect for creamy, cheesy macaroni balls. Trust.


Check out B&K new menu HERE and their website with beers and stuff HERE.




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