Beer Without Fear, July session

Last night it was that time of the month again – time to taste outrageous beer in good company in the form of Beer Without Fear. This onslaught to your senses is a monthly beer tasting in the Cellar Bar where two hosts go head to head with three scandalous beers each to compete for the favour of the crowd.


Here’s what we drank:


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Beer No 1: Weird Beard Brew Co. Safeword 6.6%

We’re sporting an underlining sweetness here, probably from the light tartness from chokeberry but a bunch of hops balance the brew overall. Light and refreshing. I’d have this again without too much grmbling.


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Beer No 2: Tempest Brewing Co. Dios Mio 6%

Boom. This beer comes with a slight kick at the back from the jalapeno peppers. It’s beautifully dry hopped with Motueka hops and it’s got a bit of juicy lime to give the beer a refreshing lift. A subtle chili beer at its best here folks.


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Beer No 3: Oskar Blues Brewery Fugli 5.8%

A solid performer if a little missing the spot. I personally think that coming in right after a chili beer was a little unfair for this IPA, it probably would have done better as a first beer of the night. It’s not a bad IPA but it just falls short from being a great one.


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Beer No 4: Thornbridge Brewery Barrel Room Series, Days of Creation 7%

Holy momma. This beer. This beer, man. It’s got the nose of a barley wine and it’s sour AF. It’s tart but not too much. You can’t hurry this one, it’s definitely a sipping beer. What a glorious darling. I’m in love.


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Beer No 5: Fyne Ales Devine 7.4%

Italian grape ale. Yup, you heard that right. It’s like an unholy union between super light wine and beer. Too many grapes. Too little hops. Desperately needs more hops. A mellow, easy to drink beer which is doomed to be a forgettable one.


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Beer No 6: Siren Craft Brew Project Barista: Turkish 10%

Right, this beer rocks an impressive 45kg of Thai coffee beans, roasted by Reading’s Tamp Culture Coffee, vanilla, orange zest, nutmeg and 420kg of figs. Too much of a good thing? Nah mate. It’s sublime. It’s got a beautiful, bitter finish – beer of the evening for sure. Gorgeous.


And the winner?


It was a tie! Between Project Barista: Turkish and Barrel Room Series: Days of Creation. Both worthy contenders. Couldn’t decide between them myself.


What a night! What a sore head in the morning.


Until next time; CHEERS!


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