Deva Craft Beer: Best of British Beer Fest

It’s been a busy year for Deva Craft Beer. They were named Best Local Brewery in Chester Beer Awards (well done), and the Best New Brewery in Cheshire by Rate Beer (double well done). The brewery also took over the old Kash Bar premises in February and that’s been a haven for their outrageously hopped beers, including the award-winning (triple well done) Dual IPA, ever since.


Last weekend, conveniently coinciding with Beer Day Britain, Deva threw together their first ever beer festival. Running from Thursday to Sunday it was a celebration for Best of British beers and the beer list certainly did justice to the name.


There was around 30 beers in both cask and keg included Dank Juice from Odyssey Brew, Gin & Juice and AK47 from Tiny Rebel, Stateless from Red Willow and Misfit from Brass Castle. All fine examples of the great art of British beer brewing for sure, but what really got my pulse running was the unveiling of Ultra Mango-NUS on the opening day.


Deva gone done and made a hoppy AF IPA laced with some sweet, sweet mango. It’s 6% of pure delight and no, you can’t have too much of it and perish of too much sweetness – it’s balanced as anything and totally quaffable at the same time as being outrageous. Deva have always been a brewery that tries to break stereotypes and kick some serious ass with their brewing and with this beauty – they totally delivered. Again.


For my beer of the festival it is a toss between Dank Juice and Mango-NUS but hey, I can choose two, right? I’m doing it anyway.


Weather was also pretty epic all weekend and there was a BBQ fired up in the beer garden so punters were kept fed and watered all day. And speaking of punters, the place was packed! If you fancied a specific beer you had to be quick, or go without.


For their first festival we think it was a roaring success. Some super innovative beer choices, great grub and a great atmosphere. There’s already been talks of another beer fest in the immediate future – we’re keeping our eyes peeled for any official info on this.




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