Pub Review: Craft & Company, Chester

If you didn’t hear about the opening of a new craft beer place in Chester – don’t worry, neither did we. Apparently, what they did was just clean up and completely refurb the old Politic and open their doors.

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They didn’t need to make much noise about themselves – they were busy immediately as the people came and wanted beer.

And gin. They do gin as well.

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So Craft & Company are the little sister of Liquor & Co and in our opinion, they are what was missing from Liquor & Co before. See, as much as we can appreciate a mean cocktail and some fancy whisky, we’re beer lovers at heart and understandably the beer selection in a cocktail heavy bar wasn’t a priority. Shame, but there you are.

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Then along came Craft & Company. Basically, the idea was to have an immense amount of craft beer on keg (over 15 taps on the bar) and about a zillion bottles (there’s 2 menus), but still hand pick them in that loving fashion we know Liquor & Co go about their booze. And, in case you fancied anything heftier than a beer, they also are a “pop-up gin bar”, basically getting their hands on the craziest and wackiest and most special bottles of gin and making some seriously twisted cocktails about them.

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I know you’re still thinking “but it’s the old Politic and that place was a health hazard” and you’re right on both accounts. It is the old Politic and anyone who’s ever been in Politic knows that you were better having a blood test done after attending just to be sure BUT that is well in the past. Now the place has a clean, modern, sleek look and (because it is important) the toilets are immaculate.

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My personal favourite was the Lucky Jack Grapefruit from Lervig AktieBryggeri and I might even go as far as to claim it as my beer of the year (so far). It’s hoppy and fruity at the exactly right balance and if I could drink this in the sunshine all summer long I would. So there.

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Tom put his chips down and declared this is his new favourite place in Chester, and that’s some mighty words. The superbly knowledgeable, friendly and chatty staff probably sealed the deal – they recommended all our drinks and not once did they lead us astray… apart from that vodka shot. But that was my fault and I loved it.

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Go check them out. You will not regret it. You can find their location HERE, and while you’re at it give them a follow on twitter and FB and Instagram as well.


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