Blueball Brewery open day

Of course it’s under a railway arch. Where else would it be?


I’ve had the pleasure of drinking my bodyweight in beer in the original Kash, Kash 22 which eventually followed and now I can add Kash 33 on that list as well.


What’s Kash 33? Well, it’s what it all was always about. This is where the journey was always going to lead. It’s a beer haven in Runcorn, where the gems like Spank and Indie Girl are being brewed, it’s a beer garden underneath the railway arch, it’s a bar and a kitchen, and it’s filled with that same Kashness that endeared everyone to the place and the people before.


Because it may have been a different place but there were so many same faces and the same “cheers to some insane beers” atmosphere that I came accustomed to during the years when Kash was still located a stone throw away from my digs.


Except now it’s this whole complex of open space and pop up bar and restaurant and yeah, honestly, travelling there is a little more of a bother than hopping over the Hoole bridge but man is it worth it.


So the guys threw their first open day over the bank holiday and even if I had to drag myself there through shattered glass I would have not missed it. As luck would have it, Clara and James gave me a lift and thus getting there was rather easy. From reports I heard that it’s not too bad over public transport either, and trust me when I say that brewery open days are loads more fun when you can drink until walking starts to feel optional.


The brewery is huge. There’s loads more scope to grow, and grow they shall. I spotted a ton of key kegs so even those who shun keg beer normally can enjoy the joys of getting thoroughly Spanked… or who knows what new creations those bad boys will have in them – they’ll be insane and intense and bonkers anyway.


And if you were wondering where all the fabulous stars from Kash went… well, they’re here.


Moving their digs to Runcorn has in no way diluted the ambitions and the love Blueball Brewery puts in their beer and in their prospects. Because let’s be real – it was always about the beer. Kash was the vehicle, and now that vehicle is in Runcorn. I can live with that, IF these brewery open days become something of a fixture in my social calendar.


I mean who doesn’t love sitting underneath a railway arch (I know I keep saying it but it’s just so cool) drinking insane beer, with great grub, while listening to top tunes. I just wish I could’ve stayed longer. Or, you know, move in the brewery. Whatever.


Today Runcorn – tomorrow the world. Cheers guys.

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