April BrewBarn day at Spitting Feathers

So Saturday the sun was shining, the beer was flowing and the music was a-playing. The conditions were pretty good for the Spitting Feathers BrewBarn day at the brewery, and they rose to the occasion.


Here’s how it works: the day starts at 2.00pm sharp and finishes around 6.00pm. You pay £25 per head and this is inclusive of everything, so there’s no need to bring any money except for your taxi fare home (trust me, you’ll need it) or if you want to buy any bottles to take home with you. So, basically it’s unlimited beer, grub and fun. Pretty neat, eh?


And before you ask, yes, there is an actual barn. And it’s adorable. It’s rustic and funky and it’s got seating, not that you’d want that on a day like Saturday. The weather was very much favouring sitting outside on a bale of hay and getting to know your fellow beer lovers. Which is totally what we did. We enjoyed a massive variety of different ales (and different ABV’s) and made a few new friends. And if that wasn’t enough to make your afternoon session awesome… well. There’s always the hog roast (yes, you do get crackling, and it is amazing).


There’s also a brewery tour – usually around 3pm – where the brewers take you around where the magic happens and show you the equipment and the materials, as well as very in-depth explanation on, well, how the magic actually happens. Getting to know your brew while you have it is always pretty cool so we’d recommend you get yourself into one of these if you’re in their neck of the woods, even if you know how the beer gets from brew to pint.


The music this time was provided by the fabulous ME And Deboe, who we always try and make an effort to go and see if they’re gigging near by. If you haven’t heard of them, firstly: why on Earth, and secondly: you totally should. They’re fun and quirky and they play the toppest of tunes in their own, unmistakable manner. Throw in some top tipples, brilliant pork sarnies and sunshine and you’ve got a winning package.


You fancy getting yourself to one of these BrewBarns, you can check the dates HERE. The next one is on 20th May and you can get your tickets for this bad boy HERE.

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