Beer Without Fear – March session

Beer Without Fear is a clever concept. It’s a monthly beer tasting  in the Cellar Bar which aims to serve you the most bonkers, insane and intense beers from around the world in 6 tries. Two judges go head to head presenting 3 beer each and in the end the beer tasters vote for their favourite. Simple? Yes, unless you’re 6 beers down the road. Which you will be.


Lucky there’s always a half time of food. And the food is always amazing (because 9 times out of 10 it’s a billion different cheeses and chili. Aki makes amazing chili. Drool) and there’s loads of it. Might as well, it needs to soak up a lot of beer.



Anyway – this is what we had this time around:




Beer no. 1: Marble Brewery– Into the Void. 7.6% imperial pilsner. Strangely sweet affair. I have to admit, I did not like this too much. I just don’t get imperial pilsners. Maybe I’m not hip and cool enough. First ever Marble beer I don’t agree with. Shocking.




Beer No. 2: BrewDog Born to Die. 9.5% of badassery. This IPA is savagely bitter and it hits you in the gut like you wouldn’t believe. I’m disillusioned by BrewDog but I still have tastebuds. Whoa.




Beer No. 3: Buxton & Stillwater’s collaboration; Superluminal Sour IPA. 7% Softly sour delight. I usually like my sours quite dry but this baby stole my heart.




Beer No. 4: Buxton & Stillwater’s collaboration; Subliminal Imperial Stout. 10% of treacle treats. Divine. Oh my days. I could not have enough of this. I know it’s dangerous because of the ABV but I don’t care. Gime gimme gimme.




Beer No. 5: Mikkeller and Lervig Aktiebryggeri collaboration Pop That Cherry 6.5% tart awesomeness. I mean seriously. This bad boy is what dreams are made of. Best beer of the night by a mile (notice: not a kilometre) (none of that European jargon here) (no Sir-ree)




Beer No. 6: Wild Beer Billionaire. A 10% decadent delight. I’ve had this beauty before and let me tell you: it’s like pudding. In fact, I would have this as my pudding. In fact, I have had this as my pudding. It’s caramel and chocolate and all things nice.


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  1. I like this concept! But you forgot one of the breweries for Beer No. 5. THis collaboration is between danish Mikkeller and the two norwegian breweries Lervig Aktiebryggeri and Lindheim Ølkompani. Lindheim Ølkompani is both a brewery and a fruit fram, so guess where the cherry is from!

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