Exclusive: Deva Tap opens, Kash closes

Some of the beer lovers in Chester may have heard whispers about this already, and it is with partial sadness and partial excitement we have been given the nod to announce that our very own, award winning brewery Deva Craft Beer are taking over Kash Taprooms come March.

Boo, hiss”, say the hardcore fans of Kash, an establishment that has forever changed the craft beer game in Chester. “Where will we get our hit of Spank or Gold Digger now?”

Indeed, beer life as we know it has come to an end.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing. The team behind Kash and Blueball Brewery are not disappearing from the face of the Earth. In fact, the team have taken Kash from an unknown little brewhouse to the heights it enjoys now, a destination of pilgrimage to craft beer lovers, and it’s now time to hand the reigns to the new kids on the block while they move their attention more to brewing their formidable beers… after a well deserved break.

So fear not, beer lovers. You have not had your last pint of Spank.

Kash has definitely been an integral part in shaping the craft beer scene in Chester. The arrival of this tap room changed the craft beer game in our city forever. Those of us who were sworn in the fan club from the very beginning remember the white washed walls of old, when the bar was at the front of the house and the beers were brewed upstairs. We remember the insane beer festivals, the magnificent movie nights, the open mics, the First Ladies of Kash, beer tastings and food pairings. Most of us have lost our dignity in the halls after too many pints of Spank. It’s half a decade of debauchery, at least 2 marriages, countless amount of friendships and immense amount of amazing beer.

It’s sad it’s coming to and end, but we feel like we do need to reiterate: their beer is not disappearing. It will still be around. Put down your pitchforks.

Kash has come a long way, but it’s now time to pass the mantle to someone who will continue their good work. It’s time for change. And if you ask us, Kash chose their heir well.

Deva Craft come with some pretty hefty credentials. For two years running, they have won the Best Local Brewery award in the Chester Beer Awards, and this year they were also the best new brewery of Cheshire on RateBeer. Their beers are bonkers, innovative, and well balanced. They are constantly striving to challenge themselves with their brewing.

And their artwork is pretty spiffing.

They have pretty big shoes to fill, but we have every confidence they’re going to do well. Better than that, they’ll do brilliantly.

So come one, come all. Let’s raise a glass to say goodbye to a giant amongst us, our spiritual home Kash, on Sunday 26th February.

And let’s welcome the Deva guys with a massive roar on Thursday 2nd March.

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