Chester Beer Awards 2017 Nominees

Brace yourselves, Chester Beer Folk. Here are the nominees for the Chester Beer Awards 2017. Everyone nominated is a winner of sorts as they have been named as the most loved in our fair city, however in the end, as you and the Highlader knows, there can be only one.


Nominees for Best Pub (15)


Nominees for Pub Grub (18)
KASH BAR, Barlounge Chester, Artichoke, Telford’s Warehouse, Bear and Billet, Pied Bull, Ship Inn, Brewery Tap, Faulkner, The Commercial Bar & Hotel, Chester, Piper Pub Chester, The Cross Keys, The Architect, The Sandy Box ltd, Harkers Arms, Bawn Lodge, The Bouverie, Commonhall Social


Nominees for Best Brewery (6)


Nominees for Best Beer (17)
The Pied Bull Chester: Black Bull, Tangibull Big Hand Brewing Co: Super Tidy Deva Craft Beer: Instruments of Destruction, 568, Oatimus Prime, Dual IPA, Equinox, Pandemonium, Contradiction, Titan, Odium Weetwood Ales: Eastgame ale, Cheshire Cat Blueball Brewery: Gold Digger, Spank Spitting Feathers: Thirst Quencher


Nominees for Best Newcomer / Pub that has upped its game (10)


Nominees Beer Shop (5)


Nominees for Best Bartender (17)
Sophie – Cellar, Craig – Cross Keys, Mike Heap – Ship Inn, Dave – Goat & Munch, Paul – Liquor and Co., Jill – Kash, James – Faulkner, James – Pied Bull, Aki – Cellar, Katie – Bear & Billet, Danielle – Kash, Ben Iles – Marlbororough Arms, Luke – Faulkner, John O’Neill – Victoria, Martin – Cornerhouse , Jack – Cellar, Vicci – Square Bottle



5 thoughts on “Chester Beer Awards 2017 Nominees

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  1. Best pub: The Victoria pub
    Best pub grub: pied bull
    Best brewery: pied bull
    Best beer: pied bull
    Pub that’s up its game: weather spoons (square bottle)
    Best bargains tender: John O’Neill (victoria)

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