Beer tasting battle: UK vs US

May we present: The battle for the craft beer crown, UK VS US at Chester Beer & Wine last night:



US: Green flash: Sea to sea – 4%

California based brewery. Unclarified beer, has a light body with subtle sweet German malt and fruity hop flavours, notable German lager yeast, and a crisp, clean finish.

UK: Thornbridge: Lukas – 4.2%

Brewery is in Bakewell. Lukas is a crisp Bavarian-style Helles lager, brewed using only Bavarian ingredients. Balanced bitterness and crisp, grassy finish. 




US: Westbrook: One Claw – 5.5%

South Carolina based brewery. Beer has refreshing citrus fruit from hops, a heavy handful of malted rye bringing slight peppery notes. Well balanced bitterness.

UK: Tiny rebel: Cwtch – 4.6%

Brewery based in Newport, Wales. The beer has a complex rye and malt base which compliments its big hop flavours. Hints of citrus from the hops. This been won Champion Beer of Britain in 2015.




US: Stone Brewery: Ruination – 8.5%

California based brewery. Hopped and then dry hopped to high heavens, this DIPA has piney, citrusy, tropical flavours.

UK: Buxton: Nth cloud – 8.2%

Buxton based brewery. This DIPA is sharp and intensely bitter, with full, malty, long lasting bitter aftertaste.




US: Brooklyn: Chocolate stout 10%

As the name, brewery is based in Brooklyn, New York City. The stout has robust, deep dark chocolate flavour which comes from a blend of specialty roasted malts.

UK: Wild beer: Millionaire – 4.7%

Brewery based in Shepton Mallet. The beer has flavours of caramel, cocoa and lactose which give the stout it’s almost sickly sweetness, whilst the Cornish Sea Salts gives a savoury salty kick for balance.


The score board was fixed on 2-2, UK winning the race on lagers and stouts, and US boasting the best ryes and DIPA’s. The beer of the night for the vast majority was the Ruination, so I suppose we could say that the US gone done and won it.


Or we could just do it all over again. You know, for science 😉



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