Tatton Brewery Birthday Beerfest

Last weekend the Tatton Brewery hosted a swaggering swill-fest to celebrate their 6th birthday. Over the course of Thursday to Saturday around 20 beers and ciders were proficiently quaffed by Knutsfordians and those from further afield alike. The brewery put on quite a show, with Oompah bands, brewery tours and of course, their beer selection.

We took the train to Knutsford on the fine Saturday afternoon when the clock was sticking just gone midday, in 20160618_135334order to be knocking on their doors by one when the festivities were supposed to start. Not familiar to the area we had no idea where we should have headed once we jumped of the locomotive but luckily the kind folk at the brewery had sent us a myriad of directions on how to get there. Dissing the lazy option for a taxi we strolled the just over 20-minute walk from the station to the brewery and took in the lovely scenery of Knutsford suburbia.

The brewery front was adorned with a makeshift pergola, standing over some seats, providing shade from the sun as well as the much-feared rain. Inside, the staff had built a bar with handpumps and kegs lining their way up, and perhaps somewhat overshadowing the creative bottle selection behind.

Admittedly, upon opening the festival was a little quieter than what their twitter feed had indicated from the previous two nights but in all honesty, who could stand a full oompah band with punters dancing around at one clock in the afternoon? Not us, anyway! As the day progressed the brewery filled up with beer lovers, most notably our new friend, micro-blogger @cyberbeer who we had the pleasure of meeting for the first time!

Many beautiful beers were had, and here’s a list of them:

  • Tatton Tackle, 4,5%: A multi-layered beauty, tones of caramel, peach and fesh lemony undertone, 20160618_143758with a sweet toffee nose.
  • Ruck & Maul (Black Label) 4,5%: Admittedly we did this the wrong way around. This beer is a special edition of its name-sake, whiskey oak aged porter. Our definite beer of the night! Subtly smokey and sweet.
  • Ruck & Maul 4,5%: Toffee and coffee in this porter – the original little brother of previous.
  • Knutty King, 3,5%: A nutty and malty number this one. Easy-drinking, not too complex but still satisfying.
  • White Queen, 4,2%: Wheat beer imitating those from the motherland (Belgium), a spicy little thing with a kick.
  • Indian Summer, 4,0%: Packs a refreshing punch with all the zesty citrus flavours. A perfect accompaniment to a sunny summer’s day!

There also were some guest ales, most notably from Wild Beer Salopian and Buxton, but we wanted to concentrate on the brewery’s own produce – after all, so close to the source it must be amazing, right? Right! We were even treated to a brewery tour, with nibbling on malts and likes included.

All in all it’s hard to say there could be a more pleasant way to spend your Saturdays than hanging out at a brewery, supping some top tipples and rambling about all things ale. Cheers Tatton Brewery, and a happy birthday, too!


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