Beer Day Britain at Kash

There really is no better way to Cheers to Beer than to gather in your local with other ale-loving folk and eat, drink and be merry while stuffing your face with food prepared by expert hands to match each tipple you sup. Right?

Right! So that is what we did on Wednesday June 15th, when the whole country raises a glass to celebrate Beer Day Britain, a day when all beer aficionados and amateurs alike get together to raise a glass and give thanks to the best brew in the world.

What is Beer Day Britain, I hear you ask. Well. The idea is that beer lovers take ‘ownership’ of the day and spread the word, build support and anticipation, go to the pub, arrange events, host parties, visit a brewery, ride on an ale rail, brew a celebration ale, and above all have a great time drinking beer on a specific day. Which is exactly what we did.

Kash Chester opened their arms, hearts and their kitchen for us as we planned a furious night of food pairings. Tom (crowned as the most amazing chef who ever lived, ever, ask anyone) cooked up a storm in the kitchen while I bore the grunt of the event, drinking the beers and talking about them with people. It’s a hard life.

Punters were treated to a glass of Grapefruit IPA from Kash’s resident Blueball Brewery to warm them up before they were regaled with an onslaught of flavours.

Here is the menu along with the beers consumed:

And to finish off the night, everyone got a glass of Redball & Beer Refinery’s finest, Pacific Rim IPA.

We want to thank everyone who popped along, and also give huge thanks to Kash who never shy away from indulging us in our crazy ideas! From what we heard the Beer Day celebrators enjoyed the food, the beer and of course, the amazing show put on by yours truly. Well, maybe not the last one but the beer and the food went down like a storm anyway.

Cheers Kash and Beer Day Britain folk! Let’s do this again next year!

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