North Wales Beer Festival 2016

It’s become somewhat of a tradition for us, going over the border to the North Wales Beer Festival every year ever since the very first post of this blog (where has the time gone, seriously!) The event is held every year at the Centenary Club, at the Glyndŵr University Racecourse Stadium in Wrexham, literally across the tracks from the train station.

This year the beer selection didn’t seem as wide as it has in previous years, but some rather exciting options had creeped into the fold and we were excited to try these. The staff was, as ever, knowledgeable and ever so helpful when we were umm’ing and arrh’ing about which beers to select.

The venue works well as it is split between two levels, the patrons can enjoy some music and a boogie downstairs, whereas for those wanting to partake in a chat and a quiet suppin’ exercise can sit upstairs and natter away. We chose the latter option.

We arrived at the venue around five minutes after it opened on it’s first day (Friday), so as we legged it upstairs (also where they served the beers, very convenient for us) the room was still a little empty, but that soon corrected itself with beer lovers flocking in in vast numbers to try the different ales on offer. This is cask only country, people, so all fizzy keg lovers were either prepared for this or left wanting. We’d like to think that being a CAMRA run event, attendees were able to make an educated guess before they paid for their taxis.

Nothing wrong with a bit of cask-only action though, so on we pressed, and so…

Here are the beers we enjoyed this year:

Beer No. 1: The Rat Brewery: Robo Rat, 4.7% IPA – biscuity, bitter backbone, sweet fruit. Lovely.

Beer No. 2: Clouded Minds Brewery: Clout Stout 4.5% – roasted malts, red berries, figs. Bitter yet somewhat Sweet & Sour.

Beer No. 3 North Riding Brewery: Mosaic: Light texture but man, what a punch of hops! Superb.

Beer No. 4 Salopian Brewery: Monkey Business: Delightful as always, light, hoppy, soft.

Beer No. 5 Siren Craft Brew: Proteus: starts of sweet, followed by intense hop goodness. Amazing.

Beer No. 6 Grey Trees Brewers: Valley Porter: Bonus beer not on list. Sweet malty, dry delight.

Beer No. 6 Fernandes Brewery: Half Nelson: Grapefruit, hops, light and airy.

Cheers to the tireless volunteers and organisers of the festival – and we’ll see you again next year!


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