Beer & Cheese pairing in Chester Beer & Wine

As you may know, a few months back we put to practice our years of experience in volunteering and working at beer appreciation clubs and beer festivals, and so ChesterBeer&Co was born. We realised that instead of having a half a dozen websites for the different beer clubs we run it might just be easier to have everything in one place.

It was around the same time Sam from Chester Beer & Wine and we here at Beer Blog central put our heads together to design and deliver a series of beer tasting and pairing events at the award winning shop in Hoole.

The first of these events, a Beer & Cheese pairing, sold out in a matter of days once we put it to the world wide web, and last Thursday we stood in front of a full house of beer lovers and even those who by admission were less keen on the tipple and went on about converting the sceptics and confirm the already converted to the joys of this particular pairing.

From what we understand, everyone already knows that you do not leave our events hungry or thirsty, and so it was again. Tom the King of catering had created a menu which consisted of 3 different cheeses, but also snacks made with cheese, all paired with sublime beers from Sam’s extensive selection by Kat, the ale lover extraordinaire.


The menu and pairings:attendees

Hadouken by Tiny Rebel – Welsh Dragon mature cheddar

Schneider Weisse Original – Baked filo pastry parcels stuffed with cheddar

Sour Dough by Wild Beer – Somerset Brie

No More Bright Ideas by Weird Beard – Somerset Brie

Berliner Pilsner – Stilton & smoked ham quiche

Dazed & Confused by BadCo – Cheshire Blue cheese

Bloody ‘ell by Beavertown – Lemon cheesecake with a red berry jelly top


Some pairings were not traditional ones, but we like to push boundaries and make a point about there not being any hard and fast rules which can’t ever be broken. Beer and food are both so subjective it would be impossible to please everyone every time, but we were really pleased to see that everyone attending tried the pairings with an open mind and were very vocal about whether or not they thought it worked.

Considering the audience was a combination of beer boffins and novices, everyone was game for even the more outrageous beers. It was a gentle onslaught of different styles and Abv’s, and the food just spoke for itself. We love bringing people and beer together,  but what we love more is when self confessed sceptics declare their newfound love for beer in the end of the night. And it was a night of a few first loves, let us tell you.

Chester Beer & Wine is such a great venue for tasting events like these, small enough to be intimate and big enough to house a respectable amount of people. And don’t get us started on the beer selection there. Sam goes to great lengths to ensure that her stock is top notch and filled with treasures you can’t find anywhere else locally. We’re like kids in a candy store every time we pop in.

The evening was no much fun we can’t wait to do it again, and our next event is on May 26th with a Eurovision inspired Euro-beer night where we sample the best beers from Continental and Northern Europe along with some appropriate grub. Cheers all!

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