#LadiesLoveBeer at Liquor & Co

Ryan talking the ladies through cocktail No. 1
Ryan talking the ladies through cocktail No. 1

Last night the #LadiesLoveBeer took over the sassiest cocktail bar in Chester to sample some bespoke beer cocktails and hand crafted canapes. One of the newest kids on the block, Liquor & Co put on a “dinner and a show” kind of evening with the beer cocktails being made in front of the awe-struck audience.

Ryan (also known as “The Red One”, we’ll give you two guesses why that is) designed the beer cocktail menu specifically for the ladies, and did not spare the flare and spark. Out came the smoke guns and the fire and sparks, and the ladies were invited to get involved with the cocktail making. Ryan also ensured that all the ladies knew how the cocktails came together so that if anyone wanted to make them at home, they could. Granted, they probably would not be able to put the same pizazz into the process as Ryan!

Handcrafted Canapes
Handcrafted Canapes

And as far the grub went, the resident chef and King of Catering Tom outdid himself with the offerings he put up. Handcrafted Scotch Eggs, smoked salmon and chili cream cheese blinis and sundried tomatoes and goats cheese vol-au-vents, to finish with pistachio blonde brownies. The beer cocktails were top notch but so were the canapes!

Ranging from hard core craft beer fanatics to beer novices, the ladies were all impressed with the cocktails and the love and care that went into designing and crafting them. Known mostly for their cocktail expertise, Liquor & Co also boasts an impressive selection of cans, bottles and tap beers so the #LadiesLoveBeer crew was also able to enjoy a few brews post-event.

Trekking the path less travelled has always been the way for Liquor & Co and we all hope to see more beery events there!

#LadiesLoveBeer Cocktail list:

Cocktail Menu

Welcome drink: A sweet number of Punk IPA, liqueur and fresh berries

Amigo: A light long refreshing drink ready for summer. Tequila, agave syrup, lime juice topped with Estrella Damm.

Blood of My Enemies: A bittersweet affair. Campari, Cointreau, lemon juice, crème de mure topped with Brewdog Punk IPA.

Boston Beggars Club: Angostura bitters, lemon juice, maple syrup, Makers Mark bourbon, all smoked alongside Samuel Adams.

Beer Cocktails
Beer Cocktails

IMAG0371 IMAG0370 IMAG0365




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