Pub review: Bromfield Arms, Hoole

The Bromfield Arms is almost an institute in Hoole. The first mentions of the pub go back as far at mid-1880’s, View from the barand throughout its years of service is has enjoyed a loyal patron-base, never faltering from the gentle embrace of the traditional black and white striped building.

The Brom, as it is known amongst the locals, recently went through a refurbishment which saw its dated décor modernised and its beer selection jump on the bandwagon of craft beer revolution.

The boards promise a varied selection of different crafty tipples, and in the fridges you can spy Duvel, a varied selection of BrewDog beers, Goose Island, Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn lager, along with Tysk, Leffe, Doombar and Trooper. There also are 4 handpulls for different cask beers, one brewed specifically for them and two from Green King. Okay, it’s not the most exciting selection of “craft” beers and if you were going to this pub with the singular mission of tasting the most exotic beers known to man, you might be somewhat disappointed. But that’s not what this pub is about.

Bromfield AleThe Brom has a very warm relationship with its clientele, many of who have been coming to this place for years, and its pull isn’t in serving beer snobs with the newest and hippest produce: it’s strength is to be a true local, a place to meet, chat, eat and watch the match. It’s a community hub, an extension of your livingroom, a place where everyone knows your name.

The beer specifically brewed for The Brom (the Bromfield Ale) is very much like the pub itself. Traditional, solid, brown beer which doesn’t pretend to be the second coming in the beer scene, but satisfies your thirst and leaves you warm and fuzzy inside.

IMAG0245 IMAG0244 IMAG0242

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