Chester Beer Awards

It’s taken us a few days to gather ourselves and take stock on the Beer Awards Saturday just gone – not just because of the obvious beer sampling that went on (for research purposes, you understand) but because we were genuinely so overwhelmed with the support the ale lovers of Chester showed us on the day!

Lord Mayor
Lord Mayor

Kash Taprooms put their best foot forward and provided the best possible venue to launch the inaugural Beer Awards, again showing themselves as innovators and pioneers in all beer related shenanigans in Chester. They never shy away from jumping on board with even the craziest crackpot ideas if they somehow benefit the beer community, and when they were told we wanted to take over their premises in order to dish out some beery love to our fair city they jumped on board of the idea quicker than we can down a half pint of extra hoppy pale ale (and that’s pretty damn quick, let me tell you).

It’s not just that Kash opened their arms and doors to our crazy ideas, they went above and beyond any call of duty to ensure the day was all about local beer heroes. They sourced beers from the nominees, both in the Best Local Brewery and Best Local Beer categories, and installed some new pumps just to accommodate as many as humanly possible. They filled the tables with craft nibbles to help the attendees to soak up some of that lovely ale. And they worked tirelessly to serve the thirsty patrons who wanted to sample everything Chester had to offer.

So it’s only right that they received the Special Award for Outstanding Achievement in promoting the Chester Beer Culture and related shenanigans. We can’t thank you guys enough for putting up with us and our insane visions, and throwing a pretty spectacular bash, even if we do say so ourselves.

Amongst the, give or take a few, 100 attendees for the awards there were landlords, bar managers, bartenders and of course the beery patrons of the fine establishments all around Chester. Tickets were hot commodity as they sold out in less than a week, but those lucky enough to score one were full of the joys of spring as they mingled amongst the likeminded fellow beer lovers. Even the Lord Mayor had arrived to witness the beer community get together to celebrate all the hard work the pubs and breweries of our fair city do.

Picture by Stuart Peake
Picture by Stuart Peake

In his welcoming speech, the Lord Mayor hit the nail on the head by saying “At the heart of every community there is a pub”, a sentiment that earned a round of applauds and cheers from the room, filled to the brim.

Our other special guest, Chris Matheson MP was also there to support the great gathering of Chester Beer Giants, showing that he may have a job in Westminster but at heart, he is a Chester lad through and through. It was an absolute pleasure to meet the man who represents us in that there London, and to learn he loves his local ale and tirelessly supports our vibrant  community.

And where would we have been without our fellow judges, who were invaluable with their insight and advice and help. We couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people to work with and extend our never-ending gratitude to each and every one of them.

Full room at KashThere was a lot of love and laughter in the room as the ceremony progressed – everyone was a winner there. Having said that, in the end there could be only one, and those who scored an award are listed below:

Best pub: The Cellar

Best grub: Bear and Billet

Best Brewery: Deva Craft Beer

Best Beer: Spank from Blueball Brewery

Best shop: Chester Beer & Wine

Best Newcomer: Commonhall Social

Best Bartender: Aki from Cellar

Special Award for Outstanding Achievement in promoting the Chester Beer Culture and related shenanigans: Kash Taprooms

Hope you all enjoyed the awards as much as we did, and see you all next year!

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