Beer review: Redball Brewery Big Kahuna

Kash bar on Brook Street has always boasted a wide selection of locally brewed beers from their own breweries,The Big Kahuna Pump Clip Redball and Blueball, and they enjoyed an almost infamous reputation in Chester. The beers are almost violently hoppy with insanely inventive recipes, and if you’re not careful you may just get hooked so bad you never look back.

The newest addition to the family is the Big Kahuna, a pale ale with attitude. Brewed and released for the NYE bash this hop monster boasts a plethora of topaz and mosaic hops and a delicate hint of mango. For those who consider keg beer a sin there is a cask version available as well, so no one needs to get their knickers into a twist about beer politics.

TheIMAG0030 Big Kahuna is a well-balanced beer with a sharp kick. The hops are just bitter enough and compliment the soft sweet mango in an extraordinary fashion. The beer talks about 5% ABV but we all know that with Redball beers, that’s more like a guideline rather than a fixed fact, so keep your wits about you. Nonetheless, it goes down very (too?) easily and is simply sublime.

And just in case you crave for something more solid in your belly to accompany the beer, why not try the wonderful wings which come in several different coatings (top marks for the sticky BBQ and spicy buffalo) and some of the Kash trademark fries – all priced for the inner gourmet and beer connoisseur in mind.

Happy hour is every day 4pm to 7pm, do you really need any other excuse to pop over for a pint?IMAG0031



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