Exclusive: Chester Beer Awards 2015

What a city we live in!

There is no denying that Chester is a great city for beer lovers: we have breweries within our city walls, we have uncountable pubs and bars where real ale and craft beer are king, we have amazing beer festivals, we have several different beer appreciation clubs and groups and we have the best pub grub imaginable.

So it is only right, then, that we should recognise these great establishments and those who run them with some well deserved awards!

The blog’s third birthday is imminent, and to celebrate three years of beer love we are excited to announce the first of what is to be an annual Chester Beer Awards ceremony on January 30th.

Nominations for the different categories will be opened on Monday November 30th and you, the beer drinking people of Chester will have free reign to let us know who you think should be awarded as Best in Chester.

A panel of top beer talent in Chester will judge the nominations and decide upon who gets their hands on the coveted (and much deserved) awards. The panel features Chester’s own beer bloggers, beer club hosts and beer festival organisers, all well experienced in all things ale and whereas impartial, profoundly passionate about their home towns pubs and beers.

The winners will be announced on Saturday January 30th, in Kash Chester on Brook Street, who have kindly offered to host the event. Informal but important, the event will celebrate Chester’s best beer in all its forms, and is open to all.

The categories for nominations are:

  • Best pub
  • Best pub grub / bistro
  • Best local brewery
  • Best local beer
  • Best newcomer
  • Best beer shop
  • Best bartender






Edit 30/11/2015 9:00: The nominations are NOW OPEN.


One thought on “Exclusive: Chester Beer Awards 2015

Add yours

  1. Best pub : the cottage
    Best pub grub: brewery tap
    Best local brewery: deva craft
    Best local beer: deva craft; nemesis
    Best newcomer: n/a
    Best beer shop: Chester beer and wine
    Best bartender: Sophie from cellar

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