Kash22 4th July Beer Festival

While we had some much anticipated Finnish friends over, and we were pondering how to entertain them in the beautiful (if shortlived) British summer, it just so happened that Kash22 in Frodsham was hosting a beer festival. Coincidence? Well, most likely but we were still excited about it.

Courtesy of Kash22
Courtesy of Kash22

I’ve been to Kash22 only once long, long ago – mostly because there are so many wonderful pubs in Chester that keep my thirst at bay, but it was a lovely summers day, warm and bright as you would like and we heard there also was a rather funky beer garden. So on we went, hopping on the train and taking that 13 minute ride to Frodsham.

If you haven’t been to Kash22 before, let me describe it to you. It’s about 2 minute walk from the train station, just down the road. Outside its pretty unmissable. Once you enter, you find yourself thrown in this US style rock n’ roll atmosphere. Brick walls, bold colours and always, always music (live or otherwise) on. The bar is long and the seats are a-plenty.

And on Saturday 4th July, there also was an extra bar full of US inspired IPA goodness. On the beer list you saw some oldies but goldies, like Oakhams Citra (which just so happened to become a fast favourite with the Finns) and the Oracle from Salopian, but also a few black IPA’s had sneaked in and of course, Kash’s own, hand crafted beer was there too. In case you didn’t know, the Blueball Brewery is their own, and beers from there are notoriously delicious, and Spank is the most notorious of them all.

The bar
The bar

There was a considerable amount of thought gone into the IPAs, I deduced. It’s hard to please everyone with IPAs, no matter how hard you try. There’s always one who wants a dark delight (me), someone who wants beers a little less hoppy (Finns) or someone who just likes lager (Finns, again). But lo and behold, if black was your colour there was black IPAs on the bar, and there even was a lager brewed in-house in case you wanted to avoid the typical mass-produced tipple.

And of course sampled some food too. There is a rather vast menu available normally, but traditionally during beer festivals they scale the menu down, leaving the most popular items on there. But with burgers like these who can complain! Simple but elegant, they hit every taste bud these carnivores had.

The beer garden proved to be our sanctuary, and we pretty much refused to budge until we had to dash to our

The tasty cheese & bacon burger
The tasty cheese & bacon burger

train… forgetting to pay our tab but luckily they didn’t call the fuzz, they called Kash in Chester as they knew we were on our way there and paying the tab there was easy-peasy. At first we struggled to find it until we realised WHY it was called a hidden gem. Ask for directions if you’re in attendance, you may not find it otherwise. But once you do, hold on to that table if you’re lucky enough to get one as there will be plenty of people ogling your seats and once they’re gone… they’re gone, standing room only!

We were wholesomely impressed and enjoyed that Kash22 beer festival, and hope they host many more!


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