North Wales Beer Festival 2015

It was the first beer festival we ever blogged about – and since then, it has become something of a yearly tradition for us; hopping on the train and going over the border to Wrexham, and the North Wales Beer festival.  You can call us sentimental, we don’t mind.

It begins...
It begins…

And, because we’ve attended it for a few years running now – it’s almost inevitable that our standards are very high. Sure, there’s around 50 beers on, but it’s the quality of the beer we’re looking at when we visit.

Every year the North Wales Beer Festival has managed to exceed our expectations – and this year was no different. They make bold choices when it comes to beer – not everyone is after an IPA or what some of our friends (not naming anyone, James) call “boring brown beer”. But not everyone is after an overly hopped masterpiece or a dark delight either. We admit, we’re beer4the difficult customers who enjoy all of the above, and all our tastes were catered for.

The beer was in top nick as well – and we spied so many different CAMRA members behind the pumps we felt reassured that the staff knew what they were talking about. You could take the “I don’t know what I want, surprise me” direction in your order, or you could (like us) methodically study the program and choose your favourite ones.

We heard rumours about some structural changes that may be coming into effect next yearbeer2 – but we won’t go into those yet. We’ll see if they actually happen first.

We enjoyed beautiful beers from Axiom Brewing (shout out to the grand overlord of beer shenanigans), Jacobi brewery and Offbeat to name but a few, but the beer of the night for us definitely was Otherton Ales’ Kinear. We look forward to finding some more beer from this brewery on our next outings.


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