BWOF – a love letter to Nev

We’ll admit it. We’re a little bit in love with Nev.

Not only is he a massive hunk, a beer lover extraordinaire and the man behind one of the best bistro bars in Chester (Artichoke), he also brought victory home at last night’s Beer Without Fear at the Cellar.

BWOF works differently to other beer clubs you may have come across before. It’s always in the same venue, always on the same day, always at the same time, always one old host. What does change are the monthly guest host and obviously the beer.

Kat with the two hosts
Kat with the two hosts

You pay £17.50 in advance or £20 on the night. You get six sublimely outrageous beers and some grub and cheese.

And last night you also got Nev.

The idea is for the two hosts to go head to head with three beers each, presenting their best and facing the public vote at the end of the night.

This time, Aki didn’t stand a chance.

Nev went all in with presenting Shindiggers West Coast Pale Ale, Brown paper Bag from To Øl and Battle Horse from Buston Brewery. Even if he had to ask for pronunciation advice for “To Øl” from the resident Scandinavian and spoke about the Shindigger brewer boys in a way that made us a little jealous, there was no contest. His beers rocked.

Aki brought Hawkshead and Marble collaboration Beer Mats, and two other beers that we didn’t manage to write down. We’re not biased. How dare you.

Nev rocking the floor
Nev rocking the floor

There was also a bonus beer, a tasty porter from Patent Penguin, presented by the brewer himself.

The real winner was the food, though. A tasty yummy beefy stew and a horde load of cheeses. If you’re wondering where all the stilton went, it’s in a better place now.

Last night left us somewhat hazy in the head, from the beer and from the love. We should do this more often.


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