Meet the Brewer: Oakham Ales in Cellar, Chester

The Cellar has always been known to throw a good bash, and yesterday’s Meet the Brewer night was no exception. The taps were taken over by Oakham Ales and representatives of the brewery were present to talk about the brewery and the beers.
You can watch their introduction here:

The ever-growing masses of people who came in to see the reps from Oakland were treated to a brief history of beer before they went on to the history of the brewery itself. The packed bar heard how women (beer wives or brewsters) were in fact the first to brew on a commercial scale and men were the sales reps for these knowledgeable ladies and how pubs came to be because of this activity in the way-back-when.

A glass of hops and malts were circled around the patrons so everyone could have a sniff and a fumble of the main ingredients which make the brewery’s beers so special.

Oakham Ales Reps
Oakham Ales Reps

Oakham Ales use a method which is known as Burtonisation in order to transform their tap water to liquid which is beautifully full with minerals. Breweries mimic the Burton-on-Trent water by stripping general tap water of all its taste and contents only to fill it with something to make it taste like the real thing, which is where the method gets its name. The brewery only use Maris Otter malts in their beer which are treated in different ways to bring different flavours to their beers.

What we didn’t know but are quite excited to learn is that Oakham was the first UK brewer to launch a single varietal beer using the Citra hop in November 2009.

The Cellar bar full of people
The Cellar bar full of MTB enthusiasts

There were also free tasters of the brewery’s beers (Citra and JHB as our personal favourites) and a feast of cheese, meats, scotch eggs and other tasty treats, which went down a treat with the delicious beer.

It is unbelievable that a bash like this costs nothing and is open for all who want to attend. It’s clear that the Cellar host events like this out of sheer love towards what they do and the beer they serve, and we Cestrians are lucky to have a pub like that in our fair city.


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