Bawn Lodge Beer Festival

This weekend sees the first of what looks to be many beer festivals hosted by the Hoole based Bawn Lodge bar.

Featuring over ten real ales and ciders from across the country, with one brewed especially for the event, the event has been much looked forward to by the Hoole residents and those further afield alike.

Vikki and Lucy enjoy the beers and new t-shirts
Vikki and Lucy enjoy the beers and new t-shirts

The festival is the brain-child of the manager of Bawn Lodge, Adam Wallace, who has held the reigns of the bar for the past six years.
“This is our first beer festival,” Says Adam. “The option has never presented itself before in a way that we could maintain our affordable prices and the high quality and variety we were aiming for.”

The beers come from breweries from across the country, from York to Wales, and have been carefully selected to reflect a variety of breweries, percentages and beer types.

“We’ve selected only the best beers for the festival,” Says Adam. “I wanted to have variety but not compromise on the quality. The beers range from your easy drinking session ales into percentage heavy treats but we wanted to have as many different types available as possible.”

Adam, the manager of Bawn Lodge
Adam, the manager of Bawn Lodge

The beer festival has only just begun, but has already seen a vast number of regular patrons come and sample the lovingly selected ales, but also new faces and CAMRA (Campaign For Real Ale) members have made the bar their watering hole for the day. With the weather turning for the better, it looks as even more patrons are making their way to the festival.

“The Lodge has always been very much of a community hub for Hoole locals, but we look forward to welcoming all Chester residents to come and take part in our festival,” Adam says.

The Lodge Bar beer festival will run all through the bank holiday weekend, with Sunday seeing live music at the vast beer garden and Monday sporting a bagatelle competition.

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