It’s my birthday and I’ll beer if I want to!

If it slipped your notice, don’t worry, we didn’t realise it either.

But we are officially one year old!

In the blogging world, that means we are legal to drink and be merry, mind you.

Happy Birthday, CBB!
Happy Birthday, CBB!

What a year it has been! We’ve gone from a small two-man band (with impeccable taste) to a concept, with mascots, guest writers and closer to 500 twitter followers. Let me tell you, we feel the love.

We’ve been to amazing places, drank amazing beer and made amazing friends. The beer community in Chester is a welcoming one, and with so many places still to visit and blog about, we intend to up our game during next year.

Look, I don’t want you to suffocate in treacle. There have been moments when we think: Are we actually going to this place in the name of blogging? Are we going to drink this beer for the sake of an article? And sometimes, you do feel like you’re shouting in the wind. But the people we meet down the line are the reason we keep at it. Because in the end, who would be write to if it weren’t for them!

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank our followers for the past year as well as to announce that we are, in fact, planning to celebrate our birthday by throwing a bash… And you’re all invited! We want to make the event special so we can’t publicise too many details yet, it’ll take us a few weeks to set it all up. But if you are so inclined, let us know you want to take part in our birthday bash, and spread the word!

Keep posted, beery people of Chester. This is only the beginning.


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