Pied Bull: Pie&Beer Evening & CBAS News

Sometimes it’s best to plan ahead. Like when you agree to attend a night of pies, specially selected beers and the general merriment that Chester’s beer events always offer, you best make sure you have nothing important to do in the morning. We’ve been going to these events for such a long time we’d like to think we’re somewhat of seasoned professionals when it comes to coping with them, but a word to the wise: you can never fully know what’s in store until you turn up at the venue and see what the masterminds behind the event have in store.

Now, whereas we found this event in the CBAS (Chester Beer Appreciation Society) calendar, CBAS cannot take full (or any) credit for this particular event (apart from the free advertising and pestering people to attend) it fell on the specific evening when they all meet. So take from that what you will. As long as you remember that the real stars are the people who attended, CBAS or otherwise.

Colorado Red
Colorado Red

This Tuesday night it was Pie&Beer evening at the Pied Bull. Most of those who like good beer and proper pubs will be familiar with this establishment already, it is the oldest pub in Chester that has always been just that; a pub. People in the know will also be aware that underneath this innocent looking establishment lies a bubbling brewery with intense and ingenious beers brewing away on a daily basis. If you didn’t know before, consider yourself informed. They make their own beer.

Also, whereas the CBAS crew and other attendees celebrated seeing each other again, they also celebrated the return of the pub manager Luke. He may have travelled far and wide while he was gone, he may even have dabbled in the dreaded wine, but he is back to where he belongs, which is behind the bar in a pub serving quality ales.

Simon and Kat
Simon and Kat

The beers matched with the pies were carefully chosen by Luke, and he had chosen well. The night kicked off with a beautiful amber delight, Colorado Red by Thornbridge Brewery. Sweet but with a bitter aftertaste and aromatic hops, it was the perfect tipple to be matched with a mighty meaty pie. The second beer was a rather great surprise, no one expected to be served a light and crispy lager with their veggie pie. Real Ale Lovers tend to shun lagers by default (or, so we’re told) and perhaps it was for this reason that the Brick Lane Lager by the Red Church Brewery was chosen to compliment the pie full of your five a day. The following beers were as delightful as the pies (the steak pie a definite hit by anyone’s standards), The Pale Fire by Pressure Drop Brewery and a new favourite of ours, Brew by Numbers brewery and their mighty Stout (08/01) which consequently may have been the best beer of the night.

Delicious Goods

Overall, the tasting and eating was a fantastic experience. The Pied Bull always pulls out all the stops to make everyone feel welcome and looked after, and they make an extra effort to ensure the beer they offer is of top quality. That combined with the expert knowledge and enthusiasm of Luke, the mastermind behind this event, it’s a guaranteed top notch beer tasting extravaganza.

But wait, there’s more! There is rumbling behind the scenes of CBAS. Some new blood is being injected into the beery vein of the club and we are pleased to announce our very own Kat is joining the mastermind ranks to share some of her undying passion and energy. She’s already booked the next three months events and is looking to expand to areas previously unchartered. Some new pubs, new venues and new beers are in the cards, so keep your calendars at the ready! It will be an exciting ride.

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