An Eggselent Evening

Cellar Bar is known for good beer, good knees up and nowadays, for some rather intriguing events. Sure, any pub can have live music and beer festivals, but how many host a pickled egg festival mid week?

You heard. Pickled egg festival.

Like so many great things the festival started as only an idea, spoken about in almost jest, but it soon got wind underneath its wings and before you could say “chilli and garlic pickled egg”, there was a festival dedicated to the humble savoury treat in a jar.

Half of us were rather under the weather this week, but there was no way we were going to miss this eggselent (see what we did there) event. Even if we weren’t too big a fan of the actual main event of this festival, we had to go and see how it actually played down.

There were some interesting eggs on offer for those courageous enough to brave a taste. Hot Chilli, Smoked Paprika, Garlic and Lemongrass, Ginger and Coriander to name but a few, and lovingly prepared home made Scotch Eggs. It seems that the latter was the definite favourite of all of these treats, as they were gone as soon as we laid our eyes on them. Such a shame for us, but a testament to the skilled hands who made them!

The bar was, perhaps surprisingly, packed with people enjoying an egg or two, and supping the quality beer we have grown to expect from them. I must admit I was not the first one to expect a pickled egg festival to pull such a crowd, but perhaps most of them came to see what it really was about.

This is not the first time the Cellar throws an event of peculiar nature which turns into a success. Around a week ago they hosted a Chilli Off, which incidentally was also born out of a intoxicated discussion between Tom and our official mascot Vikki about who makes the best chilli. The premises were quickly offered for this ultimate showdown and before anyone could say “how much chillies do you put in your sauce” there were 3 more contestants and the event grew into such great proportions that the majority of the beer lovers and bloggers of Chester were present to judge the goods on offer. The victory was handed over to Cellar Bar’s very own Andrew Atkinson for his extra hot produce and our very own Tom came second. There will be another cook-off next month, so keep your calendars at the ready.

But, I digress. It seems that the Cellar has the ability to take even the wildest idea and turn it into a celebration. I personally am not a fan of pickled eggs, but if there is a festival for them, it sounds just bonkers enough for me to head over to see what’s what. I am a great fan of chilli, but I never thought I’d see my favourite pub host a cook-off between 5 people to see who makes it best after a boastful conversation at the bar. It’s all done tongue in cheek and it just makes our weeks that much more interesting.

I for one cannot wait what they come up with next.

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