Chester Beer Appreciation Society meets again!

Apologies for disappearing for a fair few weeks – our beerles lives took over for a while and forced us to concentrate on other things. Unforgivable, I know. But while on a forced hiatus the Chester beer bloggers managed to get engaged, get a promotion at work and attend a few events, one of which we are dying to tell you about.

Due to the crazy hours we both work we have missed a few Chester Beer Appreciation Society’s (CBAS) events, but when they announced their Green Hop Night event in the Cellar Bar on 3rd October we weren’t going to let something as trivial as work to come between us and some fantastic beer.

The black board in the Cellar tells secrets we're not ready to hear!
The black board in the Cellar tells secrets we’re not ready to hear!

Heading over to our favourite watering hole around 7pm We found several beer lovers there already, sampling the wonderful offerings on tap. Representing this wonderfully tasty selection of the best of local talent were Heavy Industry, Cheshire Brewhouse and Big Hand Brewing Co.

It was good to see that whereas the CBAS events started from a mere handful of beer enthusiasts meeting once a month to celebrate their love towards all things ale, they have grown to be popular shenanigans much anticipated by many. The bar was full of giddy members who tasted the different beers and excitedly chatted about the object of their affection; real ale.

And it wouldn’t be a CBAS event if the brewers themselves weren’t present to talk about their produce. The head of Cheshire Brewhouse, Shane Swindells, a multi-skilled engineer took the centre stage and talked about his journey from mundane engineering into full-time brewing. Capturing the attention of the crowd Shane described his love towards using local produce when brewing his beer and talking about the kind beer he wanted to produce. Of course there was also a competition, because what makes a bunch on beer lovers more excited than guessing the amounts of dry and wet hops used in the brew that they are currently tasting? I can’t think of many things.

Shane talking about his beer
Shane talking about his beer

We are pleased to announce that Chester Beer Blog won the award for the closest guess. We could go on about how amazingly knowledgeable we are about hops, which we of course are, but we must confess the exactness of our educated guess came from a tip from the head brewer of Axiom Brewery who, in fact, is an absolute expert in the subject matter. We don’t care if it’s cheating! We won a prize! A marvellous prize! A fine bottle of the Cheshire Gap and Galaxy Blues, marvellous pale ales accompanied with a bespoke pint to go with them.

And, of course there was food as well. Glorious pork pies, cheese, all the trimmings to go with wonderful beer. The Cellar certainly pulled out all the stops and hosted an event that saw a few new members, many of the old ones and ensured that it was a memorable night for all. We for one are again proud to call it our local.

Kat and the unnamed brewer who spilled the beans that won the prize!
Kat and the unnamed brewer who spilled the beans that won the prize!

All in all it was another great night with great people. I can’t stress enough how inspiring it is to spend a night with likeminded people who enjoy nothing more than to have a good pint and a natter. I personally was especially inspired listening to Shane Swindells talk about his journey from engineering to homebrewing to commercial brewing. Recently we’ve had the pleasure of sampling some wonderful homebrews from our friend who has convinced me that homebrewing is an area well worth exploring. But more of that later in a different post.

Now that we’re back.

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