Beer & Food Pairing – Cellar Burgers & Tiny Rebel

Fantastic news! The Cellar is serving food again.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to hiss and boo when the Cellar decided to abandon their foody ventures. Of course, it allowed them to concentrate on other things they do so well, like beer and music, but damnit, I for one have been missing their tasty tapas and especially the deep fried black pudding. Don’t judge me.


Anyway, burgers. The Cellar is now serving home-made, locally sourced burgers. The perfect accompaniment to a tasty pint. I’m telling you, it’s a stroke of genius.

But these aren’t just any burgers. No, sir. The meat is sourced from Chester’s very own David Joinson’s award winning butchers in the Market Hall. It’s local produce at it’s finest.

Mariachi Chicken Burger
Mariachi Chicken Burger

The menu is fairly extensive and inventive as well. Vegetarians are as catered for as carnivores, but this is not your ordinary meat and two veg sort of meal – far from it. The burgers are varied and the combinations are imaginative. And they really do cater for every taste. Starting from your traditional prime steak burger the choices go as far as lamb and mint, Bombay chicken and even breakfast in a bun. All the burgers are reasonably priced as well, between £6 and £8, and you can double up for a mere £2.50.

Tom and I opted for two completely different treats. Tom went for a spicy Mariachi Chicken, a tasty concoction of salad, cheese, chilli relish and chillies hugging a high quality chicken burger. Me, I decided to prove that a veggie burger can be as tasty as mighty meaty one and chose the sweet potato, halloumi cheese and chilli burger.

Sweet Potato, Halloumi & Chilli Burger
Sweet Potato, Halloumi & Chilli Burger

And what would be better to flush these treats down with than a pint of Tiny Rebel’s Urban IPA, a fantastically hoppy and lively pale ale. After reviewing so many traditional bitters it’s a joy to enjoy a modern ale with outrageous hops and bad-ass character to it. Tiny Rebel are a Newport based microbrewery best known for its challenging and experimental beers. They have a definite edge to them and always aim to surprise their customers. It’s no wonder Tom and I have grown very fond of them, what with their brave approach to brewing new and exciting delights.

This masterpiece of carefully crafted intercontinental blend of hops taking a traditional IPA to another level was perfectly matched with our burgers. My veggie delight was fluffy and packed a mean taste. It was hot and sweet at the same time, caressing all senses simultaneously. I personally would recommend it to even hardcore carnivores, the patty had a great texture and it definitely hits the spot like a good hand-crafter burger should.

Tom preferred his chicken concoction. The chilli relish had a real bite and a kick to it, and you can’t fault the quality of the chicken itself, grilled to perfection so it was juicy and tasty.

Tiny Rebel
Tiny Rebel

Combined with the top tipple from Tiny Rebel, this was the best dinner either of us have had in a while. Despite the massive hops and the high voltage on the Urban IPA, it still remained crisp and thirst quenching and thus a perfect accompaniment for the chilli infused burgers.

You can’t beat quality and care when making food. And these definitely had both. What also makes them special is that they are locally sourced.

For June, you can get your hands on two burgers for £10, that’s a great deal and a half.


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