Pub Review: The Cellar

Every adventure starts at home. And to us, for the past year or so, home has been The Cellar Bar, City Road.

If you’re old school, or have lived in Chester longer than three years, you’ll

The view from the bar
The view from the bar

know The Cellar by it’s previous name, Citybar. Get that out of your head right now. Citybar was a shadowy lair with an aquarium in the wall (yes, they did) and a lot of generic lager on tap; The Cellar is a relaxed, music infused haven for beer and good people. Sure, Citybar had potential, but it was never realised until The Cellar took over.

The Cellar is situated perfectly between the train station and city centre, a great halfway point to whichever way you’re headed. You can’t miss it either, its bright red sign and great big windows are a dead giveaway.

Inside there is a warm atmosphere, wrapped up in a cool setting. The long bar at the front is surrounded by portraits of bands and artists who have graced the

The overview
The overview

bar with their presence. There are always at least three guest ales on tap, lovingly selected from local breweries. And they are an official home for the mighty Red Willow (Macclesfield based brewery) beers, and always have a tap for them. This excites us in particular, as Red Willow is slowly but surely becoming one of our all time favourite breweries in the UK.

Should you fancy a lighter tipple, they also serve non-conventional lagers and fruit beer. The Cellar houses your usual suspects in form of Becks Vier, but also Samuel Adams and the German classic Bitburger for those fed up with generic fizz. And where else this close to town can you grab a pin of La Chouffe, the Belgian giant?

Behind the bar more treats await, as the Cellar Bar has not earned a reputation

Back to the bar
Back to the bar

for having the biggest selection of world beers in their fridge for nothing.

There are very few places in Chester that carry as large of a stock of different bottled beers as the Cellar. From new niche American breweries to classic Belgian ones, all continents are represented in their selection.

The bar itself is an epitome of cool. The infamous aquarium at the back wall has been replaced (thank god) with a homage to some of the most amazing beer and the breweries that produce them, celebrating the innovation of beer revolution.

But the Cellar isn’t all about beer, believe it or not. It is one of the best places in Chester to go and enjoy local live acts every weekend, and to take part in a tricky pub quiz every Tuesday (we know, we tried).

Just some of the goodies at the bar.
Just some of the goodies at the bar.

And their name isn’t just hot gas either, they do in fact have a cellar, fully equipped with a bar and the technical requirements for bands or DJ’s or whatever have you. This area is available to be booked for private hire as well, should you want to hog the very knowledgeable bar staff and the magnificent beers they stock all to yourself. The area is pretty large, so you might wanna bring a few friends with you.

The Canal Quarter is the new up-and-coming area in Chester, packed with cool pubs, restaurants and bars, and the Cellar definitely is the forerunner in all of that. They have a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and have a little something for everyone without losing their edge in the process. There really isn’t a place like it in Chester.

Five out of Five for this place, and a golden star to top.


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